Our hotel is located at the entrance to Büdelsdorf at the gates of the economic hub of Rendsburg/Büdelsdorf. Our convenient location in Schleswig-Holstein is the ideal place for business and holiday travellers alike. And there is plenty of free parking available.


The young town of Büdelsdorf is a wonderful combination of political, economic and social activities. This results in a thriving community that has brought and will continue to bring our town forward for everyone who lives here.


The north may seem harsh for some, but it has its charm. No other exhibition space expresses this unique atmosphere quite as perfectly as the former Carlshütte iron foundry, the first industrial enterprise of the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein. Founded in 1827 and closed in 1997, the Carlshütte in Büdelsdorf is not only an impressive industrial monument, its colossal foundry halls, the restored ACO cart shed and the expansive park grounds also offer a one-of-a-kind backdrop for cultural events of all types.

Since 1999, the NordArt has taken place annually in the summer months and is one of the largest annual exhibits in Europe for contemporary art. Indeed, the NordArt itself is a work of art in its own right. Curated by a jury, its concept and design are developed anew every year. It presents a comprehensive panorama of international contemporary art with a highly unique atmosphere. More than 200 artists from around the world display their paintings, photographs, videos, sculptures and installations. Not only do these pieces speak for themselves, they also create new perspectives when seen juxtaposed against the special backdrop offered by the Carlshütte and the adjacent historical sculpture park. Discover the grounds of the Kunstwerk Carlshütte and the NordArt on our virtual tour.

Chief curator of the NordArt: Wolfgang Gramm
Sponsored by: Kunst in der Carlshütte GmbH, an initiative of the ACO Group, represented by Hans-Julius Ahlmann and the municipalities of Büdelsdorf and Rendsburg
Location: On the grounds of the Kunstwerk Carlshütte, 24782 Büdelsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein
Exhibition area: 22,000 m2 in the former Carlshütte iron foundry, 400 2 in the ACO cart shed, 80,000 m2 on the historical park grounds, plus public places around the town

ACO Thormannhalle exhibition hall

The host Hans-Julius Ahlmann, managing partner of the ACO Group, has decided to open up the 120-year-old and 1,400-m2 Thormannhalle to the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival’s orchestra for rehearsals and concerts. Rehearsals take place each year between June and August. The historic exhibition hall can be used for events and conferences outside of festival times. It is the perfect location for events with between 200 and 800 visitors. The large courtyard, direct access to the sculpture park and the close proximity to the water make room for all forms of creativity. Additional parking spots can be easily reached at the Rondo shopping centre via a tunnel under the street.


Room for living and working
The medium-sized town of Rendsburg is the region's economic huband administrative centre. As such, numerous important supraregional institutions are located there. The distances are short and the most important services – be it the tax office, municipal court, job centre, port facilities, train station, education and training centres, social establishments and clinics – are available close by. The economic area of Rendsburg is home to around 60,000 residents.

Rendsburg High Bridge – the town's famous landmark.

Rendsburg High Bridge, a railway viaduct that also serves as a transporter bridge and observation deck, can be seen for miles around. Built between 1911 and 1913, the “Iron Lady” was once the largest steel construction in Europe. It took the power of 350 workers working around the clock to build the 17,000-ton bridge that is held together by 3.2 million rivets. With the access ramp, the high bridge is 7.5 km long. The observation deck offers a breathtaking view of Rendsburg and the canal from 40 m up in the air. The tourist information centre Nord-Ostsee-Kanal has been offering tours up to the observation deck since 1999. Telephone: +49 43 31/2 11 20.

The transporter bridge is one of the most significant monuments to technology in Germany. It carries a carriage directly beneath the high bridge using four support cables and eight brace cables. It has been operating over the canal on a quarter-hourly basis since 1913 between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

The interactive light installation PASSAGE was installed for the 100th anniversary of the bridge. Pedestrians can change the colour on their respective side of the bridge using a control wheel. This turns the light installation into an activity for observers to enjoy themselves with.
Information: www.passage-rendsburg.de

The ship welcoming station was christened in 1996. Here, learned retired ship captains provide visitors with information on the passing ships', nationality and on their ports of departure and arrival. Every ship is welcomed with its national anthem and the national mariner greeting, the dipping of the national flag. The waterway has had a positive impact on Rendsburg’s fortune and economic development again and again. Rendsburg life means living and working in harmony with the large waterway.

Jewish Museum 

A place full of authentic cultural heritage  Located in the completely in tact buildings of the former Jewish community in Rendsburg – in a synagogue from the first half of the 19th century – the only Jewish museum north of Berlin has been here since 1988. OPENING HOURS: Tue.–Sun. 12:00–5:00 p.m. or with a reservation Prinzessinstraße 7–8 in 24768 Rendsburg

Kiel Week 

Kiel Week is the largest sailing event in the world and the largest summer festival in northern Europe. The event takes place every year over 9 days in the last week of June with over 4,000 sailors and more than 3 million visitors.


The history of HUSUM Wind – from the very first Husum Wind Energy Days to now The first “Husum Wind Energy Days” took place in a livestock auction hall in 1989, back when hardly anyone in the world took the economic utility of wind energy seriously. It soon became obvious that this town on the windy North Sea had the potential to become a leading exhibition centre, and not just for the wind industry. A new exhibition hall was completed in 1997 and its infrastructure has steadily improved in the years since. The modern, versatile NordseeCongressCentrum was opened in August of 2010 and first used for conferences and congresses at the 2010 HUSUM WindEnergy. And the trade fair site is continuing to grow.

Hütten Hills Nature Park

This nature park is located in the Eckernförde–Rendsburg–Schleswig triangle. The unique terminal moraine landscape that was formed during the ice age along with its hedgerows and sunken lanes typical of the region is a treasure for locals and tourists alike. The Hütten Hills are surrounded by the Kiel Canal, the Sorgwohld inland dunes and the Ox Road, the Schlei region, the Baltic Sea and the idyllic town of Eckernförde. Those searching for recreation can find opportunities to ramble, cycle, Nordic walk and much more at the region’s many lakes, forests and fenlands as well as in “the Hills”.

Come by and enjoy the one-of-a-kind natural landscape! 

Eckernförde at the Baltic Sea

The Baltic resort of Eckernförde originally got its name from its “Eichhörnchen Ford”. Eichhörnchen is the German word for squirrel, which is why the animal adorns the town’s crest. The town was made famous by the Kiel sprats, which come from Eckernförde. Its pedestrian areas and many shops also make it an attractive place to shop. In addition to the fish market, the Aalregatta, Pirate Days and the Classics are some of the region’s largest events and are well known beyond its borders.

Büsum at the North Sea

Summer, sun, sand and sea
Your holiday is where the sea kisses the sky, the fish and crabs greet the seals with “Moin Moin” and the North Sea calls for you to swim and go on mudflat walks in the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Holiday in Büsum means holiday for all. Whether its a family holiday, an outing with the dog, a short excursion, an inexpensive holiday flat or a large holiday house, the North Sea spa resort Büsum has what you’re looking for. Büsum is the perfect place for the North Sea holiday you have always dreamed of. With plenty of space to play and run about and flat, expansive landscapes for cycling, it guarantees the perfect climate for recreation. Green dikes, untouched landscapes. Doing business at the harbour, browsing the shops. Taking walks and sunbathing at the dike.

The North Sea shimmers all the way to the horizon, your toes are buried in the sand. Take a deep breath and smell the salty North Sea breeze ... The seagulls are squawking, the waves are rushing ...